This Road

This road
This hard, long road
Terrain varies from day to day 
Now and again 
Glimpses of green, blue sky
Other times
Dry, desolate wasteland
Stretches on into infinity

At times I wonder
Is it the right path?
Where is the strength?
Will I make it to the end?

At times the path is bright
With laughter
And companions
Those stretches 
Pass with ease
And joy

At times the path is walked
So alone
Yearning for companionship
Help to process
Your Presence
But darkness surrounds

But through it all
Your Presence guides
You are there
No, You are here
Whether I see You or not
Whether I feel You or not

Sometimes You are right beside me
Sharing, speaking clearly
Answering my every question

At times You are behind me
I can't see Your face
But Your hand is on my shoulder
I know Your Presence

At times I can't see You at all
And I weep 
And long
And yearn
Sometimes near despair
My heart faints
Thinking You are not there
Yet cries out hoping
You are
Because You have never forsaken
Those who trust
In Your unfailing love

At times I look back
With clarity
Seeing the times and the ways
You were there
You were here
Even when I didn't know
Couldn't feel 
You sent help
In time
A word to encourage
A friend to share the load
Ideas, one after the other
Coordination of events
Or even external crisis
To get my thoughts of myself

Through it all
This long, hard road
You are here

Strengthen me Lord
To keep walking
I just need enough strength
And perspective
For today

And I need
Your Presence

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