I lean into pain

I lean into pain...I think that's it, that's how it looks for me. That's how I am my Father's daughter.

Jamie TVWM wrote: "In the same way, when you lean hard into the gifts that God his given you and when you pour your might, spirit, and heart into those gifts, then you reflect beautifully on your Father in heaven.

You get to lay it all out there! And then remember that Shame and Pride have lost their place in your world - You are simply your Father's son. "

I lean into pain.

  • Wednesday morning on the steps of the courthouse, waiting with friends for their divorce proceedings to begin (later postponed due to the other party not coming). 
  • That night another struggling.
  • This week a colleague has been out searching for our new students--stories of pain and struggle--the one with no parents, yes, we're taking her for sure.
  • Tonight a call--a sister hurting, mom feared for her life last night when dad beat her.  Now she's bringing mom to her city, courageously doing what she can, yet hurting.
I love that line: "lean hard into the gifts that God has given you, " and then recognizing that "I'm my Father's daughter."

Not sure I fully live this yet. Too much insecurity and wondering. And then also too much pride and shame.  

Yet...I've also backed away from some pain in recent months. What's with that?

Don't know how this "I lean into pain" idea popped into my head, but it fits--the life I live and the work I do...lean in, to join with others in the pain, help find healing, relief... Perhaps it also fits the attitude I need to adopt in facing this other pain.

I want to live this more and more. I need to really lean in, to enter into some of the even closer pain, quit pulling back, quit flinching.  

I'm my Father's daughter. I'm meant to lean in.


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Why have I not been here before this???? I was going through some older posts way back on my blog and found your comment that I had missed! I'm so glad I did. I think the Lord just led me here today --- just to read this. "Leaning into pain" is so risky at times. No one in their own human strength wants to reach out to be burned or hurt. But there is something that tugs at us --- those divinely given gifts --- that open our hearts to those who are hurting and we lean in. This was so beautiful to read today and just what I need as I pray about a mentoring type of ministry in the near future. Thank you so much!

Traveller said...

Thanks Cora! I'm glad this one was good for you today. Awesome how God does that--leads us to a certain blog, or sermon, or song or... just when we need it. May God lead your every step, and your heart and mind, as you go forward following, and giving.

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