Leech Strategy

Thank you S.L., once again you have blessed my life. You are STILL blessing my life!

So many years ago we met--about 19 years ago now. I still remember the day, you and another came in. We celebrated our birthdays together that year--I turned 25, you turned 27. Another year later when I was back, through co-leading a group and conflict, and working it out, then as I was moving away we discovered...friendship. Do you remember, that following year--reading together, weekly  fasting, lots of visits? You reminded me of the homeless boy with the burned face and hands. Yes, we shared that together too. But that other thing you said, "Every time my bra is uncomfortable, I think of how you..." Seriously, I have NO IDEA what you're talking about! I do remember setting you up for that photo--now that was a good one!

Then you moved away, on to new adventures, other places...so many other places. And yet you kept in touch, making a point to connect when we'd be going through the same places. Each time--a joy, lots of fun, and good deep challenging conversation. I love that we can talk straight with each other, no fear of offending. Say it like it is, hash it out, question, share--knowing we're both going the same direction, aiming for the same things, so much to be gained both ways.

You are an inspiration! You're so alive, excited, passionate about life. I always wonder what new foods you'll urge me to try. And here you go now, even though it's tiring, still up for new adventures, changes, new occupation (a farmer now, and so proud of your "farmer tan"), even a new country (well, not so new for you). You're still learning new things, still aware of ways you need to change and grow personally. Once again I'm blessed to be hanging out with you. Three years since we last saw each other, but no transition time needed, just more of the same good stuff!

And thanks for the stories. There we were, you telling about the new adventure and its new challenges, weaving a great story; me laughing and laughing and laughing some more. Thanks for the leeches strategy! Who knows, I may need it someday. Now I know--should I ever encounter them on mountain treks. First, roll up your pant legs, so you can see them right away, and flick them off. Then, walk at the front of the group--those leeches stand up, and start hopping when they hear walking, the first in the group is less likely to get as many bites. (Hey there friend, this one does not sound very self-sacrificing! I don't know...I think Jesus might walk at the back. :o)  ) I forgot to ask, but...since salt takes them off, should I always carry a salt shaker too?

You are a treasure S.L.! I love you, friend. Thank you for being one of those people that know me so well, have seen some of the worst parts of me, and yet still love me. I'm so glad God brought you into my life, and that we've been able to connect and mutually encourage and inspire time and again through the years. Times with you always leave me full, satisfied, inspired and challenged. Somehow through times with you I gain new hope, new energy for the journey! And this time, the bonus of a strategy for leeches!

You are a treasure! Thank you! Press on!


Ann said...

I'm wondering if this might be someone I knew long ago who lived in your lovely town and knew how to make us all laugh and laugh. I've wondered through the years where she ended up and can see why you'd love her so! The tip off, aside from the initials, was the mention of a farmer's tan. The S.L. I used to know liked to look at her legs and declare she had the best colour in the world,with or without a tan! :) If it's that S.L., give her my warmest greetings next time you see her! And I'm so glad you're surrounded by wonderful company these days!

Traveller said...

Ann, YES you've got the right S.L.!! I read your comment to her and she was excited. She's been looking for you! She laughed that you remembered the tan comment. And she remembers (and told me) your P.B.B. (peanut butter...) story! She said, "Make sure to tell her I still have nice tanned legs!"

Ann said...

Hmm. I don't recall a P.B.B. story! I must be getting old? Oh actually, was that my not-so-very-nice nickname? I think it's coming back. I'm afraid I could be called P.B.B. once again, but due to other foods. Forty hit, after all. :)

Oh I'm so glad you and S.L. are still friends. Two beautiful people I got to overlap life with for a while and came out the better for it. Much love to you both!

Traveller said...

Ah, so you DID remember! :o) I think it was an "affectionate" not-so-very-nice nickname, and...I think you said it first? (I had never heard of it until she told me and I wrote that comment. Fun!) Btw, I gave her your email info. I expect she'll be in touch.

And I'm glad to have met and kept up with you too! I could have never imagined! You've blessed me several times through the years! Love to you! Press on!

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