A Prayer for breaking

For a few people, in recent times, I have prayed for breaking--that God would break away, chip off, get rid of those parts that need to go.  Oh, each one is an amazing person, with an amazing heart for God, much good has come through each of their lives and service, but this one thing...they do not see, and do not seem willing to listen.

I don't often pray this sort of thing for others. I usually pray for  growth, learning, endurance through a struggle, etc. The breaking prayer is only needed for those things that they don't seem to see. If we can see it, we can pray, we can cooperate with God, and maybe He doesn't need to "break." But here, there is a pride, and unwillingness to listen, after trying to lovingly bring it up...nothing more can be done.

And then, today, I wondered...if I have prayed this for myself.

What am I blind to in my own life? Maybe not even completely blind, but I've been made somewhat aware, then ignored, or brushed it off as less significant. Are there things others, those close to me, see and wish I'd change, but I don't quite completely see it yet? Am I blinded by pride, unwilling to listen?

Pondering "brokenness," I stumbled upon an article by K.P. Yohannan, he tells of an early time when he was broken. On another page I saw this quote:

"Unbrokenness is a fearful thing. It is the spirit of Satan, whose nature is incurable pride that can forever resist God. God’s greatest problem is not our sin (for He dealt with that on the cross), but the hardness and unbrokenness of our hearts. That is God’s greatest problem, the root of all our troubles. "
K.P. Yohannan, Why We Need to Be Broken

I'm reminded of the story of Helen Roseveare--years ago I read many of her books about things learned through her years serving as a doctor in Africa. And I remember the story of her "breaking," maybe only one of her breakings.  It was after YEARS of ministry...finally God broke through and showed her herself, and things she needed to change. Later, when she shared with others, they were so happy, and so relieved too, for they had been praying about and for her for this problem for years.

I wonder what I may not be seeing.
God, please open my eyes.
May I live before you, broken and contrite
I'm scared to ask it, but I must
Please, break me

Of anything and everything
That gets in the way

And if I pray this for others
May it always be out of love for them
And not until I have prayed it

For myself

...a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise. Ps. 51:17

(pray, then brace self...for what may come, what may be revealed...gulp)

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