Bringing it all

We weep today
Bringing it all before You

Our sister is dying
How do we help her?
Daily trips--food, and taking care of her needs
Please, grant her Your peace

How do we love our neighbours?
Change our hearts to love
And show us how
The man who walks the streets, digs through garbage
The woman, mentally unstable, after loss of husband
The woman with the sick child
The family who lost a daughter and will soon lose wife and mother
The neighbour who wants rice to feed sudden guests
Rice, or ginger, but we don't want to give

For those who are hurting Lord
Her grandma is ill
But "grandma" is the only "mother" and "father" she has known
Another, struggling, doesn't know what to do
But doesn't want to say what it is
The kids that love to be hugged
You like us, but "Do you like me?" and "Why?"

Those that are growing, changing
Those that are not
Guide them Lord
Draw their hearts to You

We so need Your wisdom 
Throughout our days
It is harder
Than we can handle

We need You to teach us
To lead us
May we obey
Shine Your light on us
Fill us with Your light
And shine through us

As we brought it all
Tears flowed all around
These are the things on our hearts
More than we can bear
But we step in to the task
Lord, hear our cry
Strengthen our feeble knees
Bring Glory through our lives

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