Show me Your glory

...Teach me your ways so I may know You... Remember that this nation is your people... If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here... Show me Your glory...
(Ex. 33:13-18)

I've listened, and re-listened, these days, to a message by Sunder Krishnan, from a series I've heard many times before, parts of the series I first heard 20 years ago...truths, "gyroscopes" for the soul. This message, first heard eight years ago. Something resonates...

Moses is a man burning with passion and vision, enough to kill a man, thinking himself deliverer. But it didn't work, he ran, by the time he reaches the had all leaked out.  Years later...married, with children, just living. The passion and vision long gone.

But God comes, God still has a vision. God still has passion for things He wants to accomplish.

The burning bush, the fuel-less fire. The fire that didn't need any external fuel to burn. How do we live led by that fuel-less fire? If we go on our own strength we will get burnt out, exhausted, no more passion, as Moses was.

God, have I pursued "success" and "methods" over "Presence"? Is Your glory evident through what is being done? What happens to turn watchers into worshipers?

Oh God
"...Teach me your ways so I may know You...
If your Presence does not go with [me]," I don't want to go forward; it's useless.
"Remember," it was You that started all of this in the first place, it is Your thing
Oh God, "Show me Your glory..." Teach me to live in Your Presence, fueled by You, energized by You, not running, spent, on my own efforts.

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