Crying out to You

Are You walking with me each day Lord?  Even though I'm in a bit of a fog, and feel disconnected (amazing how the body affects the mind and emotions).  But...was that You?

Sunday night or Monday morning I cried out for help--for energy and motivation, and Monday morning came that email from a friend, telling me she was praying for me, asking if there was anything else. And it gave a little bit of energy, and enthusiasm.

Tuesday night, after a tired and jet-lagged day, cried out for help again--need motivation to get into and back at work. Then in the night there was a dream. I woke remembering how, in the dream, I was explaining to a former teacher, someone distant from the work here, all that has happened, the students, etc...and it left me feeling that "yes, this is meaningful and worth doing".

Is that You, God? Are You here, gently, day by day, reminding and encouraging, in my weakness and confusion?

Oh I have seen You in past weeks, some very big ways, some very significant things (much 'drafted', but not yet posted here). And yet today, again, I need You, I need to know You near. Thank You for every little and big reminder.


Anonymous said...

The Lord is using you. I was led to Psalm 126:
When the LORD restored the well-being of Zion, we thought we were dreaming.
At that time we laughed loudly and shouted for joy.
At that time the nations said, "The LORD has accomplished great things for these people."
The Lord did indeed accomplish great things for us.
We were happy.
O LORD, restore our well-being, just as the streams in the arid south are replenished.
Those who shed tears as they plant will shout for joy when they reap the harvest.
The one who weeps as he walks along, carrying his bag of seed, will certainly come in with a shout of joy, carrying his sheaves of grain.

Marcella{The Life of a Military Family} said...

((hugs)) and prayers sent your way!

Traveller said...

Thanks Marcella and blessedwithjoy! The verses about "sow in tears"--yeah, they were part of my understanding YEARS ago, and there was planting and some harvest...what strikes me now is, that maybe the cycle is starting over again.

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