Emmaus Road

Just as You were with them
So I ask You to be with me
Just as they told You all
Their hopes...dashed
Their saddness
So I bring it all to You
Now, and forever
In this dialogue
On this journey

Just as You came
Gently explained
How it all fit together
At the right time
Just as You
Revealed Yourself to them
Truly the One they hoped You were
Truly the Messiah, Saviour, Deliverer
Come and show me
Who You are
How my life fits

Thank You that You have already
Last week
Images of
The journey
The well
The fire
The word: Finish, complete, 完成
And today, more clarity

Reminders and help come
At just the right time
You have come and showed again
You are
Strengthening my feet
Guiding each step
Lighting the path
Giving Insight
Showing that You truly are
Sufficient provider 
Even when I don't know You are

Can we stay on this road
Together walking
Sharing the journey
Me, bringing...all of me
You, teaching
Your Presence
You ... near

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