Desperate again!

I remember the last time I was desperate like this, 7 years ago now.  I remember reading Phil. 3:8 where Paul said he had lost all things for the sake of Christ. What I realized was "Nothing is worth keeping, at the cost of losing Christ." I was weary, living too busy, seeing so much not like Christ inside, and had come to the place where I was hardly hearing His voice. At that time I evaluated, and made changes. In the evaluation time, I was so clear that anything and everything could be scratched if needed--my role, my work. Nothing was worth keeping at the expense of losing Christ.

Now I am in a similar place, and needing to see that central focus return. Last week I heard a previously recorded message by Dallas Willard, and one line has been repeatedly going through my head: 

"The greatest challenge to our faith is to make sure
 we do the things we need to do 
to keep ourselves centered in God 
and ... environed in grace."

I'm not sure how to plan my schedule. I'll probably never figure it out, but there are some things that have to happen. And this is a filter I can use to evaluate the decisions of each day--will it help keep me centered in God?

I don't know if I'll get my work hours down to consistently 50 or less...actually, I have to find a way (I just hope I let fall the things that are least important).  I must make sure I learn to get to bed earlier (:o/ writing at 2:15 a.m. now), so that I can get up in the morning for time with Him. The morning prayer time with my roommate is good. The new book I am starting to dabble in, and its noon and evening examen, is good!  These will help keep me centered in God. Everything else can go!

If I do nothing else, I must say "Yes!" to the things that will keep me abiding, centered in God, surrounded and transformed by His grace.


Stephanie said...

you must find a way... \i agree... He has a way of escape for you, just as He did His people through the red sea---but they couldn't detect it until they walked forward in faith.

Traveller said...

Thanks Stephanie! Some of the 'ways' have already been found, just need to stay the things that DO get done...when life becomes most busy, it is OTHER things that get neglected, not the morning time, etc. Hmmm...good analogy with the Red Sea.

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