Everyone needs a Goose

I bought broccoli today
"Yep," I told her, "you can buy it here now."
And she said she's glad we couldn't buy it here then
Back in 2004
We're both thankful

She's an amazing Goose
I'm so thankful for her
We weren't really 'destined' to be close
This sister and I
Farthest distance age between siblings
And personalities as far as the stars
By the time she was more than a child
10,000 miles and an ocean also came between us
Sure there was love
But more distance
Her feeling the pressure
Me probably wondering how I was giving it
I just wanted to encourage

But somehow she came here
After those irritating "why's" rescued her :o)
And walked with me through one of the darkest seasons
And in that time
...The broccoli incident

"The broccoli incident"
Me, at my worst
Both of us broken, hurting
Her, trying to explain the hurt
Me, trying to stop hurting her
I don't know how it happened actually
Why the resolving of that one
Brought us close
All over broccoli

She is a treasure, this Goose
A wise woman
Living out grace and love
As wife and mother
She says I am strong
Those parts of me that once caused her pain
(Still do now and again)
She ... almost commands me to live them out
The best parts of me
Don't deny them
Don't let anyone get in the way
Of living out the best in you

I remember the first time she did it
Challenged my view about myself
"When I hear you talk about how others see you,
You sound grateful that they even put up with you.
But when I hear others talk about you,
It's about how you have inspired and encouraged them."

It's ironic
I'm the one with the "strong personality"
But much in me chooses again and again
   to crawl in a cave
   and hide it all
Afraid I will be too much
Only the greatest need
And much coaxing
Call me to finally boldly live
She's the gentle one, the soft one
And yet she boldly lives out who she is
And challenges me to do the same

Everyone should be blessed with a Goose in their life!
Someone who loves you
As you are
Someone who makes you stay
Even when you're hurting them
"I want us to work through this together"
Goose, Hun, Sisto
You have become one of the safest places
A place I know I'm truly loved

And so
We stay together
And can keep going together
And I am so darn blessed!


Em said...

what a perfect depiction of your lovely sister. it's all so true. and now i'm having a little cry

Traveller said...

Yes, Em, I agree. Sounds like she's blessed your life too! As you might imagine, I believe I was crying when I wrote this, and she cried some when she first read it. So...thanks for joining in with your tears too!

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