Don't Follow Me (Remembering the Journey)

(Remembering the Journey--written July, 2012)

I too have lost my way
I thought I knew where I was going
I thought this would be good
for you
for me
but now I am not so sure
don't follow me
I need to leave you
to go
find my way again
I'm not sure
I know how to navigate the trail
you should find
better guides
I must leave you now
at least for a time
if I find
my step does not so falter
perhaps I can come back
and once again
walk together

--this one--written for whom? Perhaps the sister I was mentoring, perhaps all those I was supposed to be leading, but realizing the need to first do a better job of leading myself before I had any right, any authority to speak to others.  With all the tension that was there, and some differences of opinion...I was questioning my own judgement...needed to back away. The apprehensions regarding sister and situations she was in, proved to be more wise than not...

"Remembering the Journey"--posts discovered in 'drafts'. Posted now for me to remember...remember the journey...where we have been, where He has brought me...

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