Jesus... (part 1)

Who is this man, who comes out of nowhere
and gives me back my life?
(Lk. 7:11-17)

"Daughter, be encouraged, your faith has made you well."
(Mt. 9:18-26)

They don't even see me, I'm an "issue" to resolve
You see my need, the real pain.
(Mt. 12:1-14)

They only see the external
I'm not good enough for them...past choices, abilities...past noticing
Yet You walk by, see me, and invite me to follow,
You invite Yourself into my life, just as it is.
Dignity restored.
Courage to follow,
whether or not they approve.
(Mk. 2:13-17)

You come to me in my fear, and uncertainty
and say, "I am with you in this."
(Mk. 6:45-52)

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