How much will I lose? (Remembering the Journey)

(Remembering the Journey--written July-August, 2012)

If I lose heart
How much will be lost?

How much will I lose?
And how shall I regain
That which is lost?

Would I be the only one to lose?
Would others?

And how much would that hurt?
What would be the cost?

If I crash
Where would I fall?
Would I survive?
How much pain?
Would there be anyone to pick up the pieces?

I don't think this is what You meant when You said,
"Anyone who loses his life will find it"
But just maybe it is part of the process

Maybe the better question is: 
How can I not lose heart?


I drafted most of the above in the past week or two, wrestling with some realities and struggles. Today (Aug. 5, 2012) I listened again (perhaps my fourth time to listen to this message) to Bill Hybel's 2011 Global Leadership Summit "Holy Discontent" message.  He tells us to find what "wrecks" us, and then do something about it, because it is probably "wrecking" God too. But there is the need to be careful, need to do self-leadership really carefully, because what "wrecks" us, can really wreck us, we can burn out, it can die, we could give up, and what a loss that would be.

What do I need to do, to keep myself from losing heart?  This is the question I have been pondering much. I desperately need to learn to better lead myself.

"Remembering the Journey"--posts discovered in 'drafts'. Posted now for me to remember...remember the journey...where we have been, where He has brought me...

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