If I do nothing else... (Remembering the Journey)

(Remembering the Journey--written September 2012)

I guess it has finally come, that point of desperation where one thing really does become priority over everything else.  Other things can slide, actually making this one thing look like a joke too..

And not much else IS happening.

If I do nothing else, I must come into Your presence.
If I do nothing else, at least I must come to know You, to listen to You.
I may get burned up in the process
May get smacked good
May find myself so lost...not doing other things is so irresponsible
But yet maybe it has to go that way...let go of all, even to the point of being irresponsible
So that what gets picked up again later
Is in it's right place
Is there because it truly IS something I should do
Truly IS my responsibility
And not just one of a billion things
That become the busyness that drowns

"Remembering the Journey"--posts discovered in 'drafts'. Posted now for me to remember...remember the journey...where we have been, where He has brought me...

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