Fathers and the Fatherless, part 2

How many guys here do I know that are fatherless? And how many times does that mean they lose their mother too?  How does a guy grow up and know how to live, if his father doesn't teach him?  Where does he go to ask the questions about life?  How does healing come? Will healing come? For most of the ones I know locally, their father died. For others I know in other places, their father left.

Awesome it is when someone steps into a life and offers love and counsel and direction, and even changes the trajectory of a someone's life. It happened for Donald Miller (To Own a Dragon, later re-published as something else). My brother and his wife are doing it doing it for two amazing little boys. I get excited when I hear about mentoring projects matching fatherless boys to men who can reach out to them.

There is One who has a special compassion for the fatherless, and says He will be father to the fatherless... "Father of the fatherless, come down and rescue us, we need you again"

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