Get over it!

I have discovered--I get discouraged when people back out of things they have committed to. But...when facilitating and coordinating many people, there are bound to be some that back out! So...get over it!  Some have valid reasons--under those circumstances I would back out too. Some don't, in my mind, have a "valid" reason--they should have pushed through, worked to find a way. But they all need to receive grace. None should be permanently judged or feel they need to grovel because of it. I can get that part right...

Yet still, it is discouraging. I want to find a way to buffer my emotions, to not feel the blow. And, it is so unbalanced. Do I see, do I notice, all those who did not back out? What about those who not only didn't back out, but gave more than was asked, more than was expected, without complaining, still giving? Did that give an even bigger "lift" to counter the "low"?

What is going on inside of me that it hits so hard? What are my beliefs about life, about God, reflected in this? Maybe it's not about beliefs, but more about fears...fears confirmed. Which fears?

Until I figure it out
Get over it!
Look for the good
Be thankful for all that is
Learn to bounce back quickly, but not bitter
Don't spend so much time grieving the loss and disappointments
Cherish the team
Learn from mistakes
Just get over it
Move on
(Maybe if I say it enough times I'll learn to do it)

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