His Hand

Did You take his hand
to save his life?
much like the surgeon
takes the leg
to get the cancer
and save the man

But he didn't have cancer
just a horrible beginning
a father, a thief
who ran off his mother
or she ran off 
after he tried to kill her
for reporting about the cow

In grade 7 or 8
he almost joined his friends
dropping out of school
off to work as a labourer
or...a life of crime
stealing for a living
like his dad
it had all crossed his mind 

Because of his hand
thumb and two fingers missing
since playing with dynamite at six
he realized
job pickings would be slim

So he stayed
Because of his hand

And stayed
into high school
and met
and heard
about a different way to live
taking responsibility for life
honesty and girls as more than objects

He started to change
own up
confessed how he had lied
to get more money
stood in front of his peers and confessed
things no one dares confess
but most everyone thinks

Gentleness and humility
now mark the young man
drawing his peers
to walk together
choosing again and again
a better path
while yet still trying to overcome
and understand
his hand

When he lost his hand, his fingers
he almost lost his life

Now without the fingers
on the way to gaining life 
for himself
and future generations


Marinewife1111 {Marcella} said...

I love your heart!

Traveller said...

Thanks Marcella! I knew about so many parts of his story before--the dynamite and his hand, the family, the loss, but only 2 days ago, when hearing his reflections on overall learning did I hear about the choice in grade 7 or 8, to stick in school, and only that and then later getting to be a part of this program, became a part of him seeing his life in a new light, making changes. And then...the "wonder" hit me--what may have been part of the meaning and orchestrating behind it all. I shared that idea with him and that led to more interesting conversation! Will love to see how this guy goes!

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