You set me apart before I was born
I heard Your call
I followed
You led me into a life
Of crazy and strange obedience
But oh the wonder
To know You were leading me
This was part of Your plan

And when people responded
To follow, or to turn away
Still I knew
This was Your thing
Something You were doing
Through me

And I knew it wasn't about me
I pointed them to You
I told them
And knew
I must become less

I knew
And it was good
But now...

Now I am cast aside
Do You even remember me
Here in this dungeon
Do You see me
All the good things I hear You are doing
Happen so far away from where I am

I doubt
I wonder
Did I even hear correctly
Was it all for nothing
Was anything from You
Are You the one who was to come
Or should we be looking for someone else

The answer comes back
Sounds like You are
But for me
Nothing has changed
And You ask me to accept
The way things are
And the way things will end 

(inspired reading and listening to Luke 7)

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