Considering that I might be the worst of sinners

"What if there was an MRI for the soul?" asks John Ortberg in his Wholeness message (Soul-o-logy series).

When Paul said he is the worst of sinners (1 Tim 1:15), he is not saying he did a careful study of all sinners in history and realized that compared to everyone else, he was the worst.  No, rather... John Stott says, "The truth is...when we are convicted by the Holy Spirit, an immediate result is that we give up all such comparisons. Paul was so vividly aware of his own sins, that he could not conceive that anybody could be worse. This is the language of every sinner whose conscience has been awakened and disturbed by the Holy Spirit."

Ortberg then invites us, for the next 20 minutes of the message to, "Consider that You might be the worst of sinners.  Don't think about the sin of anybody else...Ask God for a humble and contrite heart before Him."

I'm asking.  I'm considering... Will you join me? Listen to the message, and consider...

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