Waiting Expectantly

Along with A.H. and others at 2 Years of Psalms, I've been reading Psalm 5 & 6 this past week.

I listened to the 2 chapters earlier in the week, but was struck the last part of Ps. 5:3 when I finally read it a couple of days ago--it jumped out at me because it was underlined; it must have jumped out at me in another reading a year or two go.  "Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly" (NLT).

It's the "wait expectantly" part that hits me.  Do I?  Well the "bringing requests" hits too--do I? And when I do, do I really wait expectantly? Lots of times I don't know that I do. If I don't, what am I doing then?  I don't know!  Do I not believe He hears? Do I not believe He really will answer?

And I don't know why this is so hard, but I need to remember, and choose...to come, bring my requests, and wait expectantly--knowing He is listening (I have to remind myself), knowing He is watching over my life and caring (in the not seeing Him, I think I may have forgotten), and that He will act (He will, He does, He has so many times before).

Oh God forgive me. I forget You really are there. I come and talk to You, then walk away not listening for the answer. How rude. How horrible. How... but not today. Today I bring my requests. And wait expectantly. You hear. You will rescue. You will restore. You will heal. You will give wisdom and direction. Thank You!


Anonymous said...

Encouraging thought. Your link to "2 Years of Psalms" doesn't appear to be working.

Traveller said...

Thank you--for your comment and the note about the link! I've fixed the link. Should be working now!

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