Half the Sky

I've never thought of myself as a feminist
Didn't fight for "women's rights"
In fact, somehow thought it "wasn't necessary"
Not anymore

I missed it
For so long I missed seeing
How I was the beneficiary of those who fought
To gain those "rights"
Education for me...not an issue
Twelve years of compulsory education--of course!
A B.A.--no problem
An M.A.--sure...if you want to
And possibilities to study again
Anytime, Anywhere (almost)

But other places in the world
Being a girl
Means, perhaps,
To be thrown away
Left by the side of the road
(ah, these are the merciful parents, hoping someone else will care)
Or killed
Now in Nigeria
And other countries
If you just want to go to school
And you're a girl
Your safety
Your very life may be at risk

God in heaven
Do You love girls
Did You make girls
With beauty
And dignity
And brains
With skills
To be developed
And honed

Throughout the ages
Have the girls been
So limited
So oppressed
And abused

God in heaven
Please have mercy
Look down on Your daughters
Show us how
To love
To rescue
Somehow, protect them

And, forgive us
We have not seen
We have not valued
We have not treasured
We have not stewarded
Made sure they flourished
Made sure they would thrive
We have not loved
Your girls

Moved today by world news, and lack of action. Overwhelmed...not even knowing if there is anything I can do. I can love those who were "thrown away" here, and I do. For those far away, I can pray, and I can learn, and maybe there is more I can do.

Bring Back Our Girls
Half the Sky Movement

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