Can't You pick someone else?

Why do You entrust so much to me?
Why do You keep giving me so much?
When I continue to waste so much?
Don't You have better stewards?
Don't You have wiser managers?
Don't You have more willing participants in the tasks You assign?

Oh I'm willing for some, for much
But some...I just keep
Showing up late
With my lame excuses
Head hanging
Not looking You in the eye
I don't want to do it
I don't know how to do it
I wish I didn't have to do it
Couldn't You pick someone else for some of these parts?

Why are You so determined that I learn this thing?
Why must You hold my nose to the grindstone?
What are You planning?
What are You looking for?
What is the lesson to be learned?
What is the glory You hope to gain?
...plan to gain?

I keep running
And balking
And falling flat
And You keep giving

I keep looking at the road
Running around the starting point
Wandering off the side paths
Hanging out on those benches
You keep pointing to the road
Urging action
"Just walk"

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