Who am I, part 2

I have always loved this song by Margaret Becker

Who am I
by Margaret Becker 

Who am I, Jesus
That You call me by name

I am counting the stars
On Your blackened sky
You call them all by name, You know them all by sight
In this sea of lights
I sense Your majesty
And I break at the thought that One so great
Could care for me


Who am I, Jesus
That You call me by name
What could I ever do
To be loved this way
Who am I, Jesus
In Your eyes, tell me, who am I

I am counting the mountains
That I've laid at Your feet
And I'm reduced to tears when I think of how
You've moved them for me
In this storm of life
You've been my safe retreat
Through the wind and the fire You always were there
To carry me


No greater honor could I ever find
Than the privilege to love You for the rest of my life


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