I Choose...

I choose...
to put my hope in You today LORD
Thank you that no one who hopes in You will ever be put to shame

I choose...
to trust in You with all my heart
and lean not on my own understanding
Thank You, You will and You do direct my paths

I choose...
to dwell on the good
to remember the joys
to turn my heart and mind away from 
cynicism about others

I choose...
to capture the negative thoughts
to stop them
to recognize
in so many ways
my memories of the pain, the brokenness and the evil
stop me from seeing and enjoying the good, the delight, the experience
that is here in the now

You came to give 
life to the full
May I rejoice and delight
in every single bit
of life and fullness 
that I see around me

I choose freedom
I choose love
I choose forgiveness
I choose to acknowledge dignity
I choose to laugh
I choose to sing
I choose delight
I choose hope
I choose praise
I choose to give thanks

Thank You, good God, Thank You!

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