Good enough?

Don't think I'm going to be able to be good enough for them
But, do I have Your approval LORD?

Have I heard Your voice?
Am I listening daily to hear?
Do I know You?
Have You led me to this point?
Can I trust that You really do direct me daily?

Sometimes a shake-up is good
To re-ask the questions
To re-confirm
To re-discover
if I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing
working in the way that I should be working

Hard sometimes
To be confortable with the disapproval of others
And yet I never want to be too comfortable with it
not listening to what I might learn from them
There is much to be learned, 
and much truth in the criticism

Above all
I must learn to know Your voice
Everything must be filtered through how You see it
What is Your truth
What is Your truth about me?

And what is the truth about You?
Full of unfailing love and compassion
You...always looking to heal and restore to make all things new

Even if the truth about me is really bad
It is not beyond You
Not bigger than You
You are still a safe refuge
In You there is always hope

No matter how it seems
You can, and are working to fulfill Your good purposes
in and through me

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