Lord, may I walk with You
It's about all I can do
Just walk, just look to You

Hard to get my bearings these days
Hard to know what's going wrong
Or what's going right

All I can do is keep looking to You
And asking
And listening

I see so much
This bit in my heart that does NOT want to see others "vibrant"
Ooh. Where does that come from?
God help, change me
All I can do is ask

Potential problems
Not knowing how to face them
All I can do is, again, ask
Lord, lead me this day
Help me to love You
Help me to love them
I also remember to be thankful
Thank you Lord,
For each one of these You have placed in my life

Okay, I'll take this on
I'll help them with the training they need
Hey, wait! This was someone else's responsibility
What happened? This isn't good
I don't even know how to say it

I talk with You, and then the someone else
All I can do is express the frustation
You said how you feel. This is how I feel.

I didn't know...

These conversations are often so misunderstood
But, funny, the end result in this one
is good

At the end of another week
I'm tired. There is rest ahead.
There have been struggles
But it's okay
I have been carried
There has been enough strength for each moment

So many times I wanted to react
Or quit
But another idea came
The presence to pray
Strength to pause
Or wait
Or an idea to pursue

I'm not quite sure what to do
Or how to live
In so many ways
I'm floundering
And struggling

I look to You
I lean on You

Just walking
Everyday ... just live
And walk 
And learn to walk 

with You

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