"An Examined Life of Thoughtfuless and Grace"

"An Examined Life of Thoughtfuless and Grace," that is the phrase behind the name, and the year of the birth and death of a man I had never heard about until today. I've never heard about him before today, but today he inspires me. 

A article with comments about how to face death when you are terminally ill at Jesus Creed blog today introduced me to lots of interesting resources, and then information and a blog co-written by this man. William Stuntz (1958-2011): An Examined Life of Thoughtfulness and Grace, tells some of his story, and includes comments from those who know him--something inside me recognizes, now THAT is a life well lived.
I'm looking forward to learning more about this man, and especially digging into his own blog, and reflections on facing death and pain that seem to have touched and inspired many. Ah...I found them--the personal blogs are here.
What would it take, in this life, to have others say of me at the end, "She lived 'an examined life of thoughtfulness and grace'"?

Note: Here's a good post from Stuntz--"Living Weak"  

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