Rain falls

as an era comes to an end
heaven and earth in harmony
the end matching the beginning
or, actually, the beginning of the end

I remember, the day it all began
also raining
walking home
through the rain
through the tears

I could never have imagined
only pain
only tears

I thought things would get better 
I thought there was hope and joy ahead

When did it turn downhill again
what on earth happened
how am I to understand
how am I to ever trust again
how am I to try again
to hope again

Oh God this hurts!


Stephanie said...

May the Lord send rays of sunlight to "rainbow" your rain, my friend.

Traveller said...

Thanks. The sun did come in the morning. Still trying to make sense of things...sometimes, maybe I just think too much. :o/ or feel too much... or, maybe it's just the way I process and adjust. Still processing, still adjusting, but God is good, and has much to teach me.

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