This is me

I found this last week.

With students in a Grief Support Group I made a collage. I don't remember the exact theme...something about our lives I suppose--past, present, and envisioned future. I had no 'grief' theme in mine, but I created a collage along with the students. I think this was 3 or 4 years ago.

I found this last week and ... it's still me.  I'm not sure what exactly I was thinking then, but I recognize and can identify the themes--things I struggle with, what I am aiming for, what I have learned, the kind of person I want to be. This is me.

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where is my coffee said...

Hi Traveller: how are you? I decided it's time I bomb you with comments!! actually, not sure how often I'll sign on to my own blog anyways, so probably won't be leaving comments as often as I liked! I would love it if I would be able to make a collage of me and also to see what others had made for themselves.... when will we be able to organize a session like that?? hmm....

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