God is here, Part 2

You came to me
You were there
Standing to my right, but behind me

I was facing away from You
Facing what exactly, I am not sure
But facing forward
All the things before me
and You came and stood behind me

You put Your left hand on my shoulder

That was all

I wanted to turn around
I wanted to be found in Your embrace
I wanted You to take me away
I wanted to go and hide and cry and be comforted by You
I wanted to hide in that place of refuge
     with my back to all that is in front of me

But You stood behind me
With Your hand on my shoulder

And peace came

I sensed You telling me
     It's okay
     It's going to be alright
     Even though, in this weariness 
          I doubt my decision making ability
              But I have many decisions to make, and big ones
          I doubt my judgement
              But I still need to discern 
     It's okay
     It's going to be alright

I did turn my head
And look in Your eyes
Such love there

You are here
With Your hand on my shoulder
You and I facing forward
Facing the same direction
You will not go ahead and make the decision for me
You have entrusted this to me
And You are here
You will strengthen 
You will guide

You are here.

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