The Cost of Conflict

Wow, I was energized this evening.  Even though I got home late after a long day away, at 11:30 p.m. I actually had it in me to complete another goal --spend 10 minutes (and more--I finished the job) on dishes!  I think it had much to do with the conversations before arriving home.  There was a lot of interaction today, lots of reflection on past stuff, figuring out the process of working together, and then the last hour was just sharing about exciting things happening. Wow, how energizing...especially after last week, clearing up leftovers from the week before that. Ah...

There has been so much to work through with colleagues in recent months.  I've seen so clearly the energy cost of conflict, misunderstandings due to defensiveness, etc. Resolving can take so much energy too.  Oh resolving is good, and lightens the load, but it takes so much time and energy.  Such a process.


Is this season coming to an end?
Have we learned things in the process?
Are we getting better at this, so that we won't be having so many things to clarify and rectify in the future?
We ARE learning to stay committed to the process, and to each other.
For my part, I am learning preventive measures--awareness of the potential hot spots, prayer, and offering self to God before certain situations makes a huge difference.  I am also learning to lay down feeling responsible for the reactions of others.

I think I'm learning other things too.

Perhaps I'm learning to love.

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