Just sit...

How do I
I used to know how
I used to long for
I used to be refreshed there
I used to be able to stop spinning
And just sit in Your presence

There is a far away part of me
A long lost memory
That tells me this is where I will be 
But I don't know how to go there anymore
My brain all jumbled
So distracted
A nap doesn't seem to clear the fog
   (try to nap, but sleep won't come)
And so the rest
The space where apparently I will be transformed
Constantly eludes

Interesting though
In spite of this lost feeling
The panic that could accompany does not
From the years of knowing You
In spite of all the uncertainty
I somehow still feel safe
All may rock
All else unstable
Not quite sure how all this will shake down
But in the fall
If the fall
I will not be broken or destoyed
It is going to be okay

I think I'll even know how to sit again
So in my trying to get there now
No need for panic
No need to force it

It is a different sort of rest


Stephanie said...

Thank you for this beautiful poem, reflecting your heart. His love for you (and me!) is unfailing and never ends. I forget, too. Let's keep reminding each other. What a blessing it is to find His rest--- the true rest for our souls. No need to force it... just rest in His love.

Traveller said...

Thanks Stephanie. Yes...and what happened later was interesting, quite beautiful really. Check out the "God is here" posts (2), especially the 2nd one (June 17).

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