God is here, Part 1

I'm not getting much from the Word these days, but God is here.  Oh, I'm still reading, and I trust stuff is getting in, I trust I'm being nourished in some way that I may not see.  And now and again thoughts jump out and grab me and leave me pondering a little--the way He usually speaks to me.  There just hasn't been a sense of deep connection, being deeply guided, knowing this particular insight is the way to go for this day.  It's been more like walking a foggy road. But God is here.

These days it seems He's been speaking through other things, other voices and other ways.  Journalling has not been as satisfying, or as effective in connecting lately.  Sometimes I don't have the words to express what I feel. I wonder if this season will be more listening and feeling.  Not needing to "identify the truth" and have clarity, but to just ride and trust. 

Still, God is here.  
It's not just now...it often happens this way, but I sense God speaking through the various threads of input that intersect with my life.  Audio sermons (listening to Andy Stanley's "Guardrails" series recently), then blogs and other postings--I'm being reminded of truths through others, and themes emerge.  I'm so distracted, it's hard to sit and just read for myself...but then He guides my "clicking".  Thank You, Lord.

A post at A Place For The God Hungry contained a quote from Lynn Anderson's book about praying through the Psalms.  The idea comes of praying through life...and the cadence we need in our lives is:

    Evil is all around us.
    God is here.
    Life is falling apart.
    God is here.

So I went to bed last night, listening to Psalms with The Bible Experience.  Wow...Psalm 77...the reader is crying, and a song comes in...I don't remember much, but I too was crying out to Him.

Today, in the various thoughts that come, in the blogs I have read, in the way my heart has been led, I sense God is here.

God is here.  This thought echoes through my days.

Then, something else happened.  See God is here, Part 2.

(Most of this was written June 7, 2010, the day after writing Just Sit.)

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