Holding the tongue

Earlier I wrote about my need for a 1 Day Delay.  I noticed a couple of times recently where I held back, and that is good.  Last week I thought back on a staff member's comment in a meeting--it wasn't fair, I didn't like it.  I wrote a text message, but held off on sending.  I wrote an email, but filed in 'drafts.'  I debated about the best mode in which to bring up the issue and thought in person would probably be best...and we talked about it in person later.  The content of what was said did not change much, but it is important for me to have some processing time on an issue, especially one that is pointing out a problem with the way someone else did something.  Sometimes I'm learning to hold back on saying what I think--wait until I see it in a broader light, wait until I've thought through any emotional responses I'm feeling (why does this bug me? why am I angry? is there some truth about myself I'm not willing to see?).

Maybe there is some hope for me.

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