Go to the Ants!

It's true, I am suffering an ant invasion. Any crumbs left on the kitchen counter--the ants will find them shortly. If everything is as clean as can be, with dishes all washed, I won't see much of them for about a day. Then, a new line appears--a trail down a wall, over the counter, along the top of the lower cupboards. It's the bag of almonds this time. The Ikea clip for closing bags has not prevented their entry. Funny, I didn't know ants liked almonds.

The ants are diligent. And I... am so unlike them. They see a task and get right to it. I prefer to put it off for as long as possible. Hence the struggle with messes and clutter from which I now try to unbury myself.

I hear, and live, echoes from my past. "Put down the book and clean your room!" my mother says. Ah, but I'd rather read.

I think the ants are here that I might learn.


Amy said...

Oh, not ants again!!! I remember all the ants we had to deal with when I roomed with you. I hope it improves!

Karen said...

oh shoot, I'm not first - oh well.

Good start to the blog... I really like your writing style!

Traveller said...

Did you know that Ants like almonds? Good thing is that they only seemed to eat out of one place on each one--usually the tip--it can just be cut off. What do you do if you find an ant floating in your coffee? Well, just pull it out and drink the coffee of course. It does make me want possibly drink while using my teeth to do some sraining, though.

Traveller said...

k...well, you would have been the first, but comments weren't set up yet. Thanks for the encouragement. Uh oh...now there is pressure though. A "good start" means I have to try to keep it up. It's probably good though--refine the thinking. No point in publishing half-baked ideas.

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