Come to me...(again)

"Come to me," You said...again, still.

You reminded me: "I love You"
(Thank You!)

And we have spent these days
I have tried to be still
And yet not as still as I could have been

How still do you have to be anyways?
How clear do I need to see?

God of my journey
God who knows all
There hasn't been time
There isn't space
To explore all
To resolve all
Much just started
Much pondered
(the trees...I will be pondering for days!)'s okay, isn't it?
You will take it from here
You will take me from here
You will continue to guide and lead

This is one thing I do take away
The message of this reading
I read it on day one, and continued to ponder
I read it again today
Each time, tears come

It may be granted, therefore, that we are called to difficult and costly service. Yet have we abundant cause to be satisfied with it, from the sustaining support and consolation provided for its emergencies. All, indeed, may be considered to be included in the single promise, "Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world." The officers he employs, in every age, are entitled to this treasure, as well as those of the first age. Keep your mind believingly attentive to this "always"--

"Lo, I am with you," 
    to qualify and succeed you in whatever work I call you to. 
"Lo, I am with you," 
    to comfort you by my presence and Spirit, when your hearts are
"Lo, I am with you," 
    to defend and strengthen you in trials, though all men forsake you. 

While he stands with you, there can be no just cause for fear or faintness. You need no other encouragement. This you shall never want, if you continue faithful: and thereupon you may conclude, "The Lord shall deliver me from every evil work, and will preserve me until his heavenly kingdom."
--Daniel Williams as quoted in On the Ministerial Office
(A Guide to Prayer for Ministers and Other Servants, pp.382-383)

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