Nothing to feed me here
Or nothing to feed the distraction
The sense of meaning
The false sense of meaning?

And yet I am hungry
For affirmation
Something that tells me...

I've cut off the sources
And now I'm left wandering

Places I've looked for comfort, encouragement
Are gone now

I'm left yearning...

I look to You
I try to look to You
Wondering if You really will
If You really do

In a sense I know You do
In a sense I know that only You do
But it feels like
It has been so long

How does it work anyway
Do You, in Yourself alone
Meet all of our needs
Just in You alone
Or do You meet some
Through people
Through relationships

Probably both

And yet people fail
You say You won't

Even with You...

Is it a sign of idolatry
Or just a sign of
Being a normal human being
(Something I have probably never been)
To desire connection
To thrive with healthy connection
But then...have I ever had enough of that either

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