I can't see
It's dark.
The journey is long
and hard

And yet I'm reaching out to You
Jesus, You still capture my heart and my imagination again and again
I see Your goodness in this world
(Kent Brantley: Every Now and Then a Disciple Breaks out)
I see how You want to bring Your goodness
I see how it is You reaching out through me
Into the world You have put me in
And there is still strength
And still the want
To go there
To do that
To be that

It's hard
And the journey is long
But still
I'm reaching out for You
Finding strength in You again today
And as I reach out
You reach out to me
You continue to hold me
You continue to remind me
Of who You are
Thank You


threetwenty said...

this song has been top of my mind lately too…almost gave it a shout-out in my last post! May you continue to find rest in the One whose yoke is easy and burden is light.

Traveller said...

Thank you! Yes, it's an awesome song! I've had to choose to remember--that some a alive in me. Yes, the burden is getting lighter!

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