Dreams and Training

Until the time came to fulfill his dreams,[a]
    the Lord tested Joseph’s character.

Psalm 105:19 (NLT)

The footnote on "his dreams" says "or his word." Interesting...they are really the same thing--the dreams God gave Joseph, were "his word" to Joseph, His plans for his life.

What seems like such a tragedy--Joseph sold as a slave to Egypt, is described in this passage as very planned and intentional. To prepare for the famine the LORD was going to send, "he sent someone to Egypt ahead of them" (v. 17a).

This plan seems so opposite the dreams. No, they were still real, true. The would still be fulfilled. Just...it was not yet time to fulfill those dreams. And until the time came to fulfill the dreams "the LORD tested Joseph's character."

You have also 'spoken' to me, and given me 'dreams.' Could it be that you are also, right now, 'testing my character'? Oh dear, if it's like test in school--"here it is, see how you do," well, I have already failed miserably. However if this 'testing' is a 'training,' then there is still hope. I can try, realize the challenge, fail miserably, come to You for insight, direction, realize what needs to change, work on the "strength training," build some muscle, keep trying.

Don't know where we get the idea that "dreams" are just "fun," and immediately granted or fulfilled. Generally, this is not the case. That it takes time, a lot of time, and struggle, to get there, in no way minimizes the truth, the power, the worth, or the reality of the dream.

So now, for me, I need to hang on to the dream, and until then, lean into the character training.

And...since I'm still listening to and enjoying Casting Crowns' Thrive album, here's a related song--Dream for You.

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