"Blessed is anyone who does not stumble on account of me."
Matt. 11:6

You passed John, you did
You made it
You didn't stumble
There in that dungeon
You wondered
You doubted
It didn't make sense
Wasn't what you planned
Wasn't what you thought would happen
So you sent
And asked
But you didn't turn away
You were faithful to the end
And you are blessed

Compared to your real
And life-taking
Dungeon and trial
Mine...seems trivial
But I have known my own "darkness"
I have had to hold on through the night
Doubting if I have ever heard
Wondering if I had really followed His call
Or if that was all my own imagining
Especially in the light of how things were turning out

But you have taught me
You and many others through the ages
And the training He has given not give up
...not turn away
...not stumble just because it doesn't make sense

I passed too

Thank You  Lord
For strength to endure
Hope beyond seeing
The sense of Your approval now

And...since we're including lots of songs that have shared the journey...

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