Do NOT be discouraged

A nearby passage was my reading earlier in the week, and I was reminded of this, written 2010.09.15. At that time I had a sense that God was saying something to me--to press on, to go forward, to build. And now again I wonder if He is still saying the same thing.

From 1 Chron, 28:9, 10, 20:

Learn to know the God of your ancestors intimately

Worship and serve Him with
   your whole heart and
      a willing mind

For the Lord sees every heart
   and knows every plan and thought

If you seek Him
   you will find Him

The Lord has chosen YOU to build a temple...
    Be strong and do the work
Be Strong and Courageous and Do the work

Do not be afraid or discouraged
   for the Lord God
      My God is with you
      He will not fail you or forsake you

     He will see to it
        that all the work...
           is finished correctly

"Do not be discouraged!"
We are charged with that many times through Scripture.
I think I've been discouraged, or getting discouraged again and again.
Yesterday I was introduced to some new music, and found some other music, and it blessed me.
Either last night, or this morning I had the thought, "I'm going to need to work hard to NOT be discouraged." And, thankfully, I had ideas, and the energy to be proactive--got up to exercise, to work out to a new playlist of songs I purchased and downloaded videos for yesterday.

I bought and am enjoying many songs from Michael W. Smith's new album Sovereign.
Here is the song Sovereign over us

 I also considered Steven Curtis Chapman's Glorious Unfolding.  The song Take Another Step is good for me, something I need to remember. I get overwhelmed, lost, confused, can't see my way through, or how what I am doing will be useful, and I get paralyzed and stop. No...I need to learn to just "take another step, and another step."

Thank You Lord, for breaking through to me in my discouragement. Thank You...glimpses of clarity and hope break through, come again and lift me...

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