She's 16

She's 16
Lying flat on her back 
In a hospital bed
Hardly eating
But can smile

Her mom
Late stage lung cancer
Some problems there
Not quite sure what

She wears a huge, awkward oxygen mask
Had trouble breathing the other day
Her kidneys and liver
All affected
Not sure how bad

She was supposed to start high school
About a month ago
But...maybe there was no money?

Was it mostly about her mom?
Or school?
Or other things?
Or everything altogether?

Somehow she decided to end it
Took pesticide
But still lives

I'm glad she still lives

I hope she lives
To find hope
To share the pain
To tell what has been going through her mind
To talk out
What's behind the tears
Every time her mom is mentioned

I hope she lives
And finds new life
And healing
A life of meaning
Strength to overcome
And love that goes deep and wide
Surrounding and drowning out
All the pain
All the sorrow
Love that won't let go
Won't give up
Can always be 
A refuge and strength

May there be a day
Of looking back
At how close
And yet how far she's come

And may there be stories
And strength
To pass on to others

But that is far away...

For now, just...
Lord, please heal her body
Encourage her heart
Breath hope into her soul

But's already too late... 

postscript: It was too late. She passed away about 7 hours after this was posted.

Follow-up reflections here.


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