I don't want to live in a world where

I don't want to live in a world where
Suicide is the only way out of the pain
Kids can't find someone to talk to
Men, women, youth, children
Can't find someone to share
    the pain
    the fear
    the loneliness
    the confusion
    the tears
When courage is needed
    no one comes to add strength, ADD courage
Where people are all alone through
    the death
    the infidelity
    the hurt
    the challenge
    the recovery
    the aftermath
    the remorse and confession
    the repentance process

Jesus, Son of God
Immanuel, God with Us
You don't want a world like that to exist either
So You came
So You come still
And so You have moved my heart

I do believe
You want to be with people
In these things
As You ask: "Who will go?"
I say: "Can I go? Send me."
Can You use me?
Can I be
    Your love
    Your presence
    Your comfort

I know at times it will be hard
I'll hurt
Sometimes I'll leave
Not knowing where I am
    or who I am
Needing to cry out to You for help
Find healing and recovery myself
From You
And the family You've given
It will take me to the end of myself
Close to burnout

But You will be with me
And I want them to know
That You love and will be with them too
Could You
Would You
Use me
To make Yourself known
And even somehow
Draw them to You

Jesus, Immanuel
Please make a different world
Thank You, You want a different world
You are making a different world

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