At Jarius' house

It must have been such a great day. Sickness, and death, turned to resurrection and life. I can imagine the amazement, the joy, the laughter, the wonder!

Did You ever see a dead person You didn't heal? Did You ever stay around a dying person and just be with them as they died--to comfort them, and later the family?  I don't think there are any recorded. It seems You healed them, or were somewhere else when people died, and then sometimes You came to bring them back to life. Could You not stand it? Could the author of life not bear to be in the presence of death? The only death You stayed around to endure was...Your own. And soon that death, also ended in Life. It's all pretty amazing.

And yet, it's still disturbing, how we're left here to face death, and just watch it as it comes, try to cope after it happens. Some people say it's not like that. Some would say You want to heal--almost every time it seems, and raise many from the dead. I believe You do sometimes...but generally I don't buy that.

So...I'm just kind of wondering...why You couldn't allow death, and yet we need to. We'd all really rather Jarius' house, or outside of Lazarus's tomb, or carrying the bier when you came over and raised the widow's son. We'd all like to see death, turned to life, sooner, rather than later. 

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