How long

"How long...Lord?"
Isn't that what Your people
Through the ages
Have begged to know?

It's one of the hardest parts
It seems
Not knowing
How long will it last?
What is the purpose?
What is the point?

It seems easier
When there is an end in sight
A "difficult" that you can
Rally your soul and body and spirit for
Plan for
But just don't know
What are you supposed to do with that?

Maybe it's like the little kids in the back of the car
Who can't yet grasp time and distance
'Are we there yet?'
'How much longer?'
Somehow needing to learn to trust their parents
And their being in control
And their goodness

How long?
Where are we going?
What's the point?
We say and feel it
About little things
And when in enormous pain
Mine are mostly little...

Maybe someday I'll be
All grown up
Toughing it out
Simply saying
"Your will be done"
Knowing Your presence
Trusting Your goodness

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