Traveller Still...

It's interesting
How the metaphors that come
Or the words spoken
That resonate
Become something that carries
Way further than we could have ever imagined

How did I come upon the ideas of 
Traveller and 
for me, for my journey

Oh yeah, sure
"Life is a journey"
"We're all on a pilgrimage"
And my life
Living half-way around the world
From where I was born
Where my roots first took hold
Perhaps led me to identify even more

But that's just the physical

Today I'm realizing again
I'm still on such a journey
The land is still so new
I thought I'd started out
   to new places
I thought I'd 'landed'
But then came the need
To start out again

I've almost found a place to rest,
   I think
Though I'm not quite sure...
I know where it is
   that is 'most' comfortable now
Compared to all the other places
   that are definitely not
And yet I know
It may not be the place I stay
There is more to explore

And so
Once again
I remember
I embrace again
My identity
As Traveller, Sojourner

I'm thankful that I'm "enjoying" it again.
I'm thankful that it actually feels pleasant
(Sometimes the journey has been just hard
sometimes terrifying!
Sometimes I've doubted
if there was a journey,
a road,
or if I was just mired in muck.

I am a traveller, a sojourner,
All my life I will be
And on this journey
Again and still
I am so thankful
for journey companions
Others exploring similar terrain
Others not content to stay where they are
When they discover 
the land where they have been 
has become 
   a place of slavery
   and injustice

And this defines the kind of traveller I am
And the kind of travellers 
   that become my journey companions
We're not constantly moving, constantly leaving
Just out of wanderlust
Or a simply frivolous and 
   never-ending need 
   to see new places
(Though seeing new places is good
Maybe that's a part of discovering 
   the problems 
   with the place you are)
No, more we are compelled by 
   an awakening
   a discontent
   realizing where we have been
   is wrong
We cannot stay

A traveller, a learner
May I always be
And always "at home"
   with those who also seek

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