With You

I wondered if I'd "pass"
If I'd be in the right place
To be able to go on
In the journey

I wondered if I'd be ready
What have I really learned of You Jesus
These 15 weeks?
Do I love You more intensely?
Do I know You more intimately?
Do I follow You more closely?
Am I more quick and eager to obey Your call?

Sometimes I do
Sometimes I'm there
Sometimes it's so fresh
As I look back
Wow, this journey has been sweet

And I so long to be with You
I long to be like You
I deeply admire You Jesus
You are so wise
So good
So at peace in all situations
And Your love for me
More and more I believe
And accept
You really do love me

And that is enough she said
That longing to "be with" You
No matter the cost
No matter that I sometimes am frightened
It's that wanting to be with You
No matter what

And I do
I really do
I've contemplated again
Running off my own way
As You ask me to walk with You again, still
Into the unknown
We're climbing a hill
The path veers a little to the right
Then disappears
I have no idea where it will go
If it will be easy
or difficult
I suspect, and am scared of...difficult
I cling to You
Maybe You'll just have to pick me up and carry me
As we go forward
But I do want to be with You
Where else would I go
I'd be so lost without You

So now we go forward

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