The river...again...

I was supposed to be on this river again today, but it didn't happen. Sudden deadlines came up for some, and we needed to re-evaluate and flex and plans needed to change. The change may be for the best, for now we can do something else that we need to do, but could not find time to put in the schedule this week--we need to reflect and celebrate. I need to facilitate a good ending for this group that has been entrusted to me, to us, for these weeks. In the end, it will probably be more meaningful than a day at the waterfall and on the river.

But that previous post, is also where I am again today.

    Once again I am surrounded
    and wonder
    Where will they go from here

    And I wonder
    where will we go from here
    my colleagues and I
    we're exhausted
    we've run hard
    worked hard
    developed something

    But do we have what it takes to go forward?
    the energy and heart, the passion
    the skills
    the commitment

    Creator of this river
    You who know it's source
    and where it goes
    Lead my life
    All my days
    As I follow

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