I think I just saw someone die

Similar to last time in some ways
hear...a thud, a crash
look out the window
4 floors down
in the intersection
two motorbikes have collided
flat on the ground
one guy is jumping up hopping away
he seems shocked
surprised at what happened
adrenalin fuelling a reaction
the other, still on his bike
head to the ground
his arm was moving
a few little 'flaps' or twitches
and then they stopped
other than that
he didn't move at all

It happens so fast
I'm sure he never could have imagined
just  little ride around town
here to there
without a helmet
but this time
his last ride

I was shocked
half cried
sobs with no tears
prayed for that one

but then...
ambulance came
that person
it looked like
Oh good!
not even "a body lifted onto a stretcher"
but lifted, and supported upright
he is helped into the ambulance
Good! he's okay

but now...
two motorbikes still there
one...I think
is hiding something
I can tell by the screams
of someone else
as they hold her back
don't let her near
there must be another body
on the ground
behind the other bike

one young man gets taken away
in an ambulance
another body
gets lifted
into the back
the flatbed
of a police pickup truck

someone did just die
within earshot
without a moment's notice
without time to say good-bye

Lord have mercy
Christ have mercy

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