It's gone now
Washed away by the rain
The blood spilled on the pavement last night

All the signs are gone
But still I remember
I want to remember
Don't know how or if I should remember
Don't know what to do with it

It happened so fast
And rather familiar
But the outcome is not always so devastating

I heard from my kitchen
Up here on the 4th floor
A thump
Then, looking out
Saw people running

I too...went to look
Out my office
There on the ground a man
Dark pants, white shirt
Fallen off his motorbike
Guess he had been hit
People were there
Trying to pull him up
A lady with a baby carrier
Worked to pull the motorbike off him

At first I thought he was moving, responding
That the next thing he'd do is struggle to get up
Shake himself, stumble a bit
But get up

But he didn't

He seemed to curl up a bit
And the crowd stepped away
And the dark stain around his head was clear
and huge
Even from the 4th floor

The ambulance came
I didn't see them take him
The last I saw was the spot with all the blood...
and the motorbike still there
Police checking, measuring

And finally ... just the blood was left

But now even that is gone
Washed away by the rain

But him
Is he gone?
Did I watch him go last night?
Or maybe he was gone before I even saw anything?
Did someone lose their husband last night?
Their father?
Or is he still in hospital, struggling to remain?

How should I think about this?
How should I respond?
How should I remember, or not remember?

It's the kind of thing that makes you want to do something
Or feel like you should have
Last night--what did I do?
Whisper a prayer:
     "Lord have mercy" "Lord, help him live"
Make a couple of calls, overcome that "surely someone down there must
     have called an ambulance" thinking, but by the time I got the number 
     and called, the ambulance had arrived
Send a text message to a colleague: "Do you ALWAYS wear a helmet 
     when on your motorbike, even for short distances in town? This is
     what I just saw..."

Lord, bless the man, bless his family
Lord have mercy
Lord have mercy

--The accident: June 3, 2012, around 9 p.m.

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